Privacy Policy
We take internet security very seriously and treat your privacy with great respect by taking all reasonable technical and non-technical data protection measures to keep your details safe and only used by us.
When you register and use our website we will ask you to provide us with certain information including personal data. This information enables us to provide you with the best service we can and helps us keep you informed with research and information you may be interested in. We will not share this information with any third party outside of the McIntyres group of companies unless you have given us permission and your data will always be managed with reference to all relevant laws and regulations. You consent to us releasing information about you to regulated entities in order to obtain any quotations/arrange investments or insurance at your request.
We will also use the data we collect to provide you with the most relevant, personalised and interesting content through our websites, emails, communications and other forms.
The personal details we receive include those that you supply on any part of this website, plus your IP address and the date & time, at the point which you supplied your information or took a particular action.
Your account password is encrypted and not available to anyone, not even us, so if you forgot this, you will need to trigger a forgotten password mechanism to regain access to your account.
McIntyres Property use cookies to help provide the best customer experience for our customers and make our website easier for you to use.
The Cookies we are talking about are very small text files containing information that is stored on an internet user’s device when visiting a website. The information a cookie contains and its purpose is determined by the website operator and can be used by that web server every time you visit that site.
Cookies are used to save time and make visiting web sites more efficient and enjoyable. They can be used for many different reasons – from remembering login information and what is in your online shopping basket, to tailoring online adverts so you see more adverts suited to what you want.
There is lots of guidance out there explaining what cookies are and what they can do. We are going to explain how cookies affect the McIntyres Property website, but if you want more information you can visit these pages:
• •
How does McIntyres Property use cookies?
The majority of the cookies we use remember the preferences you tell us though our site, so that you get what you want out of McIntyres Property. McIntyres Property will only use the cookies you let us use. As well as getting the OK from you on the site, you can also control your cookies through your browser. More information on this follows later on.
We have used some of the guidance published to set up different labels for the cookies we use:
1.Necessary & Performance 2.Functionality 3.Targeting
More information on each of these is below
1. Necessary & Performance
By using our site, you are giving your consent to the use of ‘Necessary & Performance’ cookies. Acceptance of these cookies is a condition of using the McIntyres Property website and if these cookies are restricted or refused in any way we can’t guarantee that the site will function properly for you.
McIntyres Property needs to use these cookies to ensure that our website works properly and you are able to use the site to do what you need to do. They are essential for your billing, ordering, providing security on the site and monitor errors or technical issues.
Any information collected is totally anonymous and helps us understand how our site works so we can improve the page for you and all other users.
These cookies will…
•Let you navigate around the website. •Let McIntyres Property collect information about how you use the website, in order to understand the efficiency of the site and let us know where improvements can be made.
These cookies will not gather any information about you that can be used to supply adverts to you or remember your preferences (like your user details) beyond that particular visit.
2. Functionality
By using our site, you are giving your consent to the use of ‘Functionality’ cookies. We do this to ensure all of our customers can get the most out of their experience of McIntyres Property. You can change whether these cookies are used, but this may reduce the support and service McIntyres Property can offer you and prevent us remembering which services you might not want.
McIntyres Property uses these cookies to remember settings or provide certain services or messages to offer you a better experience when using our site.
These cookies will…
•Remember your log in details for when you return to the site.
•Provide our live chat service. •Share some information with our third party suppliers who provide products for McIntyres Property.
These cookies will not gather any information about you that can be used to supply adverts to you or remember your preferences (like your user details) beyond that particular visit.
3. Targeting
You are able to accept or refuse the use of these cookies, but doing so may restrict us from offering you certain services. These cookies are managed by third parties, and you can use the third parties’ own tools to restrict these cookies.
Some cookies are used to link to other websites that provide a service to McIntyres Property, such as Facebook or Twitter. Some of these cookies will also tailor advertising on other websites for you.
These cookies may…
•Link to social media networks. •Pass on information about your visit to the McIntyres Property web site to target advertising tailored to you on other web sites.
What Else Can You Do?
While you can accept or refuse permission for certain specified cookies through the McIntyres Property website, you may also want to manage them through your browser settings.
An excellent source of information to help you with this process is available at…
We will only read or write cookies for the preference level set, cookies set prior to you changing your settings will still be on your computer and you can remove them using your browser settings.
Modifying your preferences for cookies may result in a number of issues. For instance, if you delete all your cookies from your browser settings your preferences on the McIntyres Property website will have to be updated again. Don’t forget that by using a different computer, or another device to visit the McIntyres Property website you will have to select your preference again.
We also do not sell, rent or lend any of your details to third party companies. We do however reserve the right to make contact with you after you supply your information to us, or include you in the receiving of our informational emails on our services or products, if we believe they may be of interest to you or pertaining to action you take our website.
Should you have any questions or concerns about the privacy of your personal details with us at McIntyres Property, please get in contact with us.